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- official Portuguese Business website -
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Welcome to the official Portuguese Business website!

The Portal da Empresa offers the finest information and government services specially directed to the dealing community. Its mission is to promote useful data about the advantages of Portugal as an investment location and to help the international investors to start their business.

Registering a business with the Loja da Empresa

The Portal da Empresa also offers information about the Loja da Empresa. An information and desk service, which aims to facilitate the process of creation, modification or extinction of business.

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Check the items below that will guide you around the Portuguese business world.

  • EOL
  • Quick Facts - Get to know Portugal! This compilation of quick references, including geographical data, people, economy and statistics, provides an easy access to facts that may help you to be familiar with the country's, business environment.
  • Getting Down to Business - Portugal has been attracting a growing number of companies across a wide range of industry sectors. The country can offer the most modern and technical services within an environment of innovation created by a well prepared workforce.
  • Useful Contacts - In this section you can see the contacts of the different public entities in the area of business.
  • Online Services